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Gonna kinda-sorta be working today as I’ll be assisting at a Dave Annis shoot, so kinda light on the words for the moment.  Not much to say for right now, other than, if you can, stop by the Bondage Awards and give me and the other folks nominated a shout out and vote…

Thanks…and we all appreciate it!  🙂  If I’m not a complete zombie when I get home later (lol), I’ll try and add something more with some substance.  🙂


Admittedly, it’d be nice to win one of these.

That’s where it starts.  You sign up there and you’re able to vote for your faves.  It’s more or less an “Oscar” or “Emmy” for bondage people like me…tho “People’s Choice Award” might be closer to the truth, as it’s all internet-by-the-people vote driven.  🙂  After you sign up, you take the link at the top of the page to here:

where there’s about 50 or so categories to choose from.   I’m nominated in several places:

Bondage Blog  Bondage Blog (yup, that’s THIS blog…we got nominated!)

Bondage Paysite  Bondage Paysite (TucsonTied)

Bondage Photographer  Bondage Photographer (TolstoyTony)

Bondage Rigger  Bondage Rigger (TolstoyTony)

Rope Bondage  Rope Bondage (TolstoyTony)

Bondage Movie  Bondage Movie (for “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”)

I’m really happy for all six nominations.  🙂  The Blog getting nominated…AWESOME!!  🙂  I really love this site and the doing of it, and I’m thrilled to death that it got noticed and nominated.  “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan” being nominated surprised the living hell outta me…I knew it was popular from the sales, but that was awesome to see!!   Guess folks really liked that one.  🙂

The usual vote-mongering for this kind of thing follows…you can vote once a day in each category, and I’d really appreciate your vote in all the above.  But please, don’t stop there…there’s a LOT of worthy people all the other categories that deserve your votes…if you can make it a part of your “morning Internet ritual” to stop by the site and throw a vote out, that would be MASSIVELY appreciated!  Or just once…every vote counts, and I thank you for each and every one of them.  🙂


PS: I’m the Caretaker for UnlimitedBondage Tube…if you can give that a vote (Bondage Tube), that’d be great…thanks!  And if you could support my company (UnlimitedBondage, vote for them here: Bondage Company), that’d be awesome as well…thanks!  🙂

Been thinking about doing this for quite a while now…the time seems best now.  I’m in between shoots until early November…so here goes nothing.  🙂  Ah, but first I have a detail to take care of…

What my coffee table looks like after a shoot…yeesh.

Coffee table post Dez shoot.  🙂  This is the way a shoot leaves my coffee table looking…covered in ropes and gags.  Uncoiled rope, bandanas, roll of duct tape, safety scissors…OY!  Let me clean this up…

There…that’s better…shall we continue?  🙂

My Living Room

This is how my living room usually looks before a shoot.  I did have pics of my models up…but it would be too hard to explain those in shoots, so I’d wind up taking them down every time I’d work…best to just LEAVE them down.  🙂  That big purple chair isn’t in the shoots much as it’s not very “damsel in distress”, by the way.  🙂  It sits in front of a kick ass, but still standard definition, TV…

Got that for only $60, believe it or not…bless the bargain hunter in me.  🙂  Avid Video Gamer…here’s a peek at the collection:

There’s a PS2, PS3 and Game Cube on those shelves…along with games (the PS3 collection is out and displayed…the PS2 and GC games are stored in the compartment underneath it all)…I’m currently playing Resident Evil 6; don’t let the haters steer you away…it’s a bad ass game!  🙂

I can almost hear you all, tho…”But Tolstoy…so far, this is about you; what if I want to take pictures; how do you light your studio?”  Let’s explore that a bit…

Excuse the funky lighting here…I was trying to capture how I have some of my lights set up, and I had to have SOME of them on…lmao!  🙂  Those are standard work lights (halogen) from WalMart; on the left, they’re lit, on the right, you see them as they are.  They cost about $10 a piece.  They’re plugged in to power strips (one power strip per pair of lights)…I recommend pairs to give enough light.  I have them in a few places around the room…the above you see…

This pair sneaks into the photography from time to time…

This pair right here, above my bookcase…and the last pair in the back, with a blue one added, for richer colors sake…

I may wind up removing it.  Not sure if it’s doing the job or not.  :/  All my editing gets done in my bedroom…and I’m apologizing in advance for dodgy photography; lighting the bedroom’s been a bitch, hence why most of my pics are taken in the living room…

The “Nerve Center” of TucsonTied…

I’m at that chair for a goodly part of the day…either editing content…or like at this particular moment, watching YouTube videos…lmao!  The calendar on the wall is homemade, by the way…I deprive the calendar companies of the world my $12 every year by using the past year’s photography and the 12 best shots of the year and making my own.  🙂  I edit pic content on that desktop (using Adobe Photoshop Elements).

I edit long videos and other video content on the laptop so I can edit two types of content at once.  Not as difficult as it might sound…I just set a video up to process  (or, “cook”, as I call it), and since video takes a while to do that, I’m free to edit pics while I wait.  Doubles my editing time, really.  🙂  Yes, I have two desktops…the second one is for a backup in case the first one fails.  The laptop is for when I’m on the go…like at FetCon.  🙂  Here’s a better look at the entire room…

That about covers it all and the whole process…light the room, take the pics/video, edit it here, send it in to my site folks who take care of posting, and it’s all golden.  🙂  Any questions on the process, feel free to ask!  🙂


Gonna be doing something a bit different today, but it’ll take me some time to prep up.  While you’re all waiting, how about a little Candle Boxxx fun?

The shoots that we do aren’t ALL business…sometimes, the models and I like to have some fun with it.  I have more than a few Stacie Snow pics of her making faces for the camera…this one’s of lovely Candle Boxxx.  Our last shoot was fun galore…we were both just digging on the fact that we were working together again.  She was having so much fun that she hit this pose with her eyes just to see if I was awake…I wasn’t; I didn’t see it until I was editing the work…lmao!

Candle Boxxx, goofing off. 🙂

Well.  While Dez’s shoot is processing and sending into the website, I took the opportunity to look back and see how many wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years, and other pointless TucsonTied trivia and such…

Care for a run-down?

  • I’ve been working since June of 2006.  I worked sporadically in June and July of that year…August, I went to FetishCon;  September, we spent setting the site up;  October 2006, we went live.
  • Since then, I’ve worked with 59 models (Dez was # 59).
  • I’ve done 147 shoots.
  • Of the total 59, 34 were models that I’ve only shot with once; but several of those are still active, so that number can and will lessen.  It’ll go up when I find new faces, too, I guess.  :/
  • Record for most individual shoots with me is held by (no surprise here) Stacie Snow…we’ve shot together 32 times.  Sasha Fae is second with 18.
  • I’ve done 6 two-model shoots:
  1. Magenta and Jade
  2. Kobe Lee and Addie Juniper
  3. Kat Turner and Pilar
  4. Laura Lee and Madelyn Rose
  5. Stacie Snow and Lola Lynn
  6. Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae

(Stacie made a 5 picture cameo in my first shoot with Candle Boxxx…since it’s not even enough pictures to make up a full set, I’m excluding it from the “2 Model Shoot” data)

Currently, outside of shooting, these are what I’m most active on:

Kinda fun to look back at this stuff…and this is just the beginning!


Another week in the can…and what an awesome one, too!  Two new gals added to the TucsonTied lineup, two new faces for you to see!  I’m really happy with the shoots and product…you all are gonna LOVE Gracie and Dez.  🙂  Gonna be spending the day quietly editing pics and video, maybe watching football.  My Bears don’t play until Monday night (against the Detroit Lions)…should be a good game!  I may just turn on the TV and spend my day watching football and looking at bound and gagged gals…

Life is good.  🙂

Catch you guys later!


Hey, all!  Time for another “Interview Vlog”…this time, with new model Dez!  🙂  We had a WONDERFUL time shooting today, and you can see it on her as we talk a bit about today’s festivities.  🙂  Dez has other projects of her own going, and if you’d like to see more of her, check this site out…

AWESOME site…with links to some of Dez’s other stuff on the net…including her Twitter!  🙂  And a LOVELY shot of her; if you like Dez, check that out!


Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size

Good LORD, this girl impressed me.  🙂

I knew I’d have a good shoot, but this…wow!  🙂  Hey, you know what?  Time for me to be light on the words and heavy on the pics…ENJOY!  This lovely lady is coming soon to…the “glam” pic blows up to full size when clicked on, but click on the others to see the “Tour” page of TucsonTied; check it out and sign up to see more of Dez’s work with me!  🙂


New Model Dez…WOW!!! 🙂 I freaking LOVE this shot!

New Model Dez told me if I were ever in trouble, I could lean on her. I don’t think this is quiiiiite what she meant…lol. 😉

Trying out my ropes for the first time…NEW TucsonTied model Dez!

New model Dez…I “cornered” her. 🙂

Standing tall for her 1st TucsonTied shoot…Dez

Sexy Stacie Snow wanted to lay around all day, wearing nothing but a lacy garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heeled pumps…I threw bondage into the mix and called it a shoot.  🙂  From the October 20th update to…click the pic to join up and see more!


Stacie Snow, laying down on the job. 🙂


When I was shooting Isobel Wren, I noticed that a mirror was nearby the door area, so I caught a few shots of her like this…this one was a part of the set of her that just posted to TucsonTied as the October 20th update.  Today was a double posting, with a Drea Morgan video also posting…click on the pic of Isobel to learn more!


TWO Isobels??? Seems pretty sweet to me! Isobel Wren