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Hopefully, I can keep this to one part (lol).  😉

Recently, I undertook the arduous task of updating every post of this blog…all (at this date) 301 posts on it.  :/  All for the purpose of making it sleeker, slicker, nicer looking for you the fan…and to add links to product I have out there.  I hope I don’t sound like I’m bitching…FAR from it, I had a TON of fun doing it!  It served as a walk thru memory lane for me of what I’ve done…and inspired me to pick out my 10 Favorite Posts that I’ve done here on the Blog.  Some disclaimers.  Several of these are “general mentions”; meaning, it’s a mention of a TYPE of post and several post from said type.  And the #1 is a (forgive the pun) tie, so this is kiiiiiiinda a “Top 11”  😉  OK, that said, here we go! I’m posting this partially to walk down memory lane…and partly to give you folks some fun stuff to have a look at as well.  Sit back and get your mouses ready to follow some links…these are my

“Top 10 Favorite Posts To The TucsonTied Blog”

#10: My Battles With SPAMMERS

I always had fun playing with and mocking the SPAMMERS…especially when they made it all sooooo eeeeeeasy.  🙂  They’d punch out 1000 + word posts to this blog, my SPAM catcher would flag it, and with one click of the mouse, the novel-long-spam-post would be gone.  Gave me an extra sense of satisfaction knowing that all….that…work would be GONE in a heartbeat.  🙂 Footnote…my SPAM Blocker widget tells me that it’s blocked 7670 spam posts.  Pretty effective, no?  🙂

The last one was the best…all about “Russian Mafia Forced Penis SPAM Posting”…lmao!  😛

#9: Announcing StacieSnowBound and our Clips4Sale Pages

This one’s there…just because.  Because my sites were expanding and it just felt GOOD as a producer to see the whole thing GROW.   Showed that I myself was growing and making things happen.  Clips4Sale Page Announcement  StacieSnowBound Announcement

#8: Photographer “Interview”

One of my more favorite moments of nuttiness.  Not gonna spoil it…just give this one a read.  🙂   Photographer Interview.  Classic.

#7: My “Software RANT”

This is just me having a “Bad Internet Day” and the “fun” that ensued.    Software RANT

#6: YouTube Musings

I’m BIG on YouTube…I spend a great deal of the day that I’m not producing watching YouTube videos.  I’d have an account there for TucsonTied, but they flag and remove bondage videos right quick.  Anyway, YouTube has a culture all it’s own and is being used to explore the condition we all call “life”.  I love watching videos like this…from Ericc Douglace declaring WAR on “Justin Beiber Haters”, thru the mess of fail that was Jessi Slaughter to the downright crass death-profiteering of CraftNation, YouTube provides a BOUNTY of drama for the viewer.  It also provides a social outlet that is massively abused…as was the case of the bus monitor who was cursed out and sworn at for 10 minutes plus by snot nosed punk teenagers…just so they could record and upload video of them pissing off an adult.  Sad, really.  These were my musings on both.    Crassness, death profiting and more    Bus Monitor Abused

#5: “Old School Bondage”

PURELY a “pic post”, and just me musing about my bondage career thru pictures.  Also, giving a look at the “older” style of ropework I was using…not as much “pizazz” as the current one, but definitely style worth noting.   I just loved the way this one turned out…classic!  🙂     “Old School Bondage”

#4: Copyright/Piracy Battles

I think I’m pretty well known on the net for being a copyright battler.  I’m a supporter of Artist’s Rights, and the rights of photographer and model to decide if they’d like to control where their work winds up on “social sites” like Facebook, FetLife, Tumblr, Flickr and others of the same ilk.  People seem to forget something…just because we make our images professionally doesn’t me we don’t think of them the same way you PERSONALLY make them.  If your image wound up on someone else’s Facebook and they were claiming to be you…well, you’d be a touch outraged, no?  Same with us photographers and models.  Anyway…these are my looks at the whole mess, and my feelings about it…these posts are pretty close to my heart, actually.   The first one has my current thoughts on copyright/piracy…the last one, my most rant-like and my favorite of the lot.       Copyright talking       Tumblr         Stacie video pic           Re-posted from my old Blog

#3: The “Pink Rope Debate”

This one was almost #2, but that one just edged it out.  When I started, I was using colored ropes…mainly pink, as I liked the contrast pink makes against a black backdrop (like a black dress).  It didn’t do me any favors, tho.  🙁  This was a post where I try to come to grips about all of it and explore why a “DiD” (“Damsel in Distress”) photographer like myself shouldn’t be using pink rope in a “kidnap” kind of environment.  Made sense then, makes sense now…and it generated a LOT of commentary, which I always love.  🙂      Pink Rope Debate

#2: The FetishCon 2012 Series

This was SO COOL…I LOVED doing this!  🙂  FetCon 2012 was still fresh in my mind and the memories of it were ones I definitely wanted to keep, so I set into posting about the experience, figuring I’d release it to the blog in a daily series.  But, since I felt I wasn’t sure everything would stay fresh that long, I decided to bang out the entire thing ALL AT ONCE.  The next six links were typed out all in the space of ONE DAY…I literally sat at the computer from morning ’til nightfall typing.  If THAT doesn’t show my love for the written word and the doing of it, nothing will!  🙂  The “Conclusion” is prolly my favorite part…the post about “Swag” is about the cool stuff I picked up during the Con.  🙂

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
“FetCon Swag” :

#1 (TIE): The Tour of the TucsonTied “Studio” and My First Ever Post

This was a tough one…at the end of the day, I just said “Fcuk it” and decided to list them both.  These two defined the Blog, I feel…my first post showed you all in one hit what a wordy bastard I am (lol), and the Tour showed you the openness I was willing to show with this blog as it was, literally, a look at my HOME…which doubles as my studio for my productions.  I love that post so much I’ve decided it needs a facelift, and will be doing it again soon, showing the many advances I’ve made since that post was first minted.  MUCH has changed since I did that post…time to show you all about it.  🙂       Tour         My First Post

Well, there you have it…my Top 10…11, really, favorite posts to the blog.  I enjoyed putting this together for you all…hopefully, you’ll all have a fun time clicking thru the links and reading stuff.  🙂  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna publish this post and go on a walk thru memory lane myself, making sure everything came out OK…..


Forgot to mention this in my post about what to expect from the blog…from here on out, every Saturday my posts will be “Sneak Peeks” of both sites.  I’ll go onto both sites (TucsonTied and StacieSnowBound) and get an image from a recent posting to the site to share here on the blog….just to give you an idea of what’s going on at both sites.

Been doing this randomly for a bit, but am now gonna do it regular-like…every Saturday.  🙂  I like these posts…gives you an idea what to expect.  🙂

OK…I’m off to make a GIANT post about my fave posts to the blog.  🙂  Later!  🙂