All posts for the day October 3rd, 2012

Well…cancellation on Gracie for the moment.  Life happens…something came up for her; we’ll shoot soon, tho.  🙂

In the meantime, tho…check out the “Full Length Videos” Page…I just made a new addition to it, “The Bondage Burglar”.  🙂  The video plug-in is giving me FITS…works for one video, then quits working.   I’ll work it out.  I’m thinking it might be a “one upload a day/week/month/set time period” kinda thing.  🙁  Won’t stop me from building the Full Length Video page…just slows me a bit.  :/  If any of you are on WordPress and know of a good plug-in for video, please let me know.  🙂

For your troubles…here’s a shot of Candle Boxxx!  🙂


Candle Boxxx