All posts for the day October 5th, 2012

My computer chair has now decided that my ass is too fat to sit on it anymore…I need to get a new chair.  🙁  It’s kinda funny…this one failed in a way no other has before…usually when a computer chair fails, it’s one of the arms breaking at the connection point to the chair…this time, the base has split, and the pneumatic pole that pushes the chair up and down is now dragging on the carpet.  I could prolly still use the thing, but when I go to back out of the chair, it essentially tries to stay in one place and drags like a mo-fo.

Grrrrr….NOT an expense I was looking to have, but if I wanna stay at the computer, I need something comfy to sit on.  🙂

Soooooooo…off to Staples.  This one was a Staples brand chair and has lasted longer than most any chair out there I’ve had for the computer…I’ll definitely shop there.  🙂  That’s Tolstoy giving them a recommendation, by the way…they sell good shit.  🙂

Pic of Isobel Wren added just ‘cuz I wanna.  🙂


Isobel Wren