All posts for the day October 7th, 2012

Good Sunday morning to you all…how ARE you?

Myself…another day, another dollar, another chapter in a computer chair search…lol.  Musing now…do you find Best Buy’s in store help sporadic at best?  Went there to look at computer chairs and they have a few…but they were all unpriced.  Sooooo…I set about finding someone who could help me GET a price…and all the blue-shirted people were busily doing other things in the hustle/bustle that was that day of shopping at Best Buy…

It’s funny…when I just wanna wander and look at stuff, I get accosted BUNCHES by their help…to the point where I start to get a touch paranoid about them thinking I’m there to SHOPLIFT (lol)…but when I actually, truly need help…no one even looks at me and I’m apparently carrying the bubonic plague.  :/  Why IS that, I wonder?  Are they like waiters/waitresses at restaurants, who seem to be uncannily trained at asking if you’re OK when you have food in your mouth and can’t respond?  Meh.  😉

Well…yesterday was FUN; new model Dez (I think I’m gonna call her “Desiree`” at TucsonTied) did fine with Dave Annis (and is coming soon to his site) and is willing to sit in my ropes as well…we haven’t set it up quite yet, but I should be working with her sometime between the 14th and 20th.  🙂  In the meantime, next week Sasha Fae and I will be knocking out another hour long blockbuster next week with two recording sessions.  In a Halloween themed shoot, Sasha dons a basic black dress to get herself tied and gagged…should be mondo fun!  🙂

All right, kids…not gonna take up too much of your time…gonna hit the trails for now.  🙂  Later!