All posts for the day October 8th, 2012

“WOW…you just bought a GREAT chair from us!  Do you want the extra service plan…”


“…for an extra $30 that covers the chair…”


“…for the entire life of the chair so that if ANYTHING happens to it…”


“…instead of paying full price for a new chair, even if it’s simple wear and tear…”


“…you’ll get it at no cost to you!  It’s a really good deal…”


“…and I’ll make brownie points with my manager if you say yes…”

“Do I GET  to say “no”???”

AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!  Customer service reps!!!  I know she was just doing her job and everything, but every time I said, “No”, it was like, “I know better for you…you NEED to say “Yes”!!”  Those “insurance plans”, I’ve found at least, only wind up coming in juuuuuuuust short of promises…like, if it was a two year deal, on the two-year-and-one-day mark, the chair freaking breaks.  :/  Not her fault, I know, she was just doing her job…but she should’ve just stopped on the first “No”.  I’m an AMERICAN CONSUMER, dammit…I have the right to be “stupid” and deny you of getting any extra money out of me for bogus promises.  😛

My “chair fight” with the world is finally over!  😛  Took several visits to several office supply stores to finally find something I liked at a price I could agree to.  This really sucked…I went WAY outside the budget I planned for it, but at least I got something that’s gonna last me YEARS…and go one day beyond the “extra service plan”…lmao!  Wanna see what I bought?

My New Chair

The lighting is a wee less than perfect, but I need a better bedroom set up; sorry ’bout that.  :/  Nonetheless, this one really kicks ass, no?  🙂

One VERY content Tolstoy

Justin Beiber on DUCT TAPE…the world is doomed.

Not bad for an iPhone shot, no?  😛

But, my GOD…Justin Beiber’s unsightly mug on DUCT TAPE; good LORD.  Haven’t the “tween” crowd outgrown him yet?  Could you see me using this shit on Stacie Snow or Sasha Fae, maybe?  OY!!

I just realized, I better be careful!!  Eric Douglace may track my IP and get his Grampa to close me down…oh, the HORROR!!  😛

Having WAY TOO MUCH FUN for a Monday…