All posts for the day October 10th, 2012

Light on the words this time as I’m tired and have company coming over…shot with Sasha Fae for one of two shoots this week, gathering the content which will become, “The Trick IS The Treat”…my next one hour long video.  Some samples, maybe?  🙂


“Witchy” Woman…Sasha Fae

Witch bewitched…she’ll be placing no hexes on me tonight… Sasha Fae

She tried to curse me…that crotchrope to the ceiling’ll learn her. 🙂 Sasha Fae

Don’t let the hands in front fool you…she could barely MOVE in this pose! Sasha Fae

A little light on words for the moment…Sasha Fae’s stopping in a bit later for a shoot.  I’ll post a pic or two after it wraps.  But in the meantime, I’ll be working on the “Full Videos” page until she arrives…adding vids and changing the format of the rest now that I have a competent way of doing video on the blog that won’t have a possibility of getting clobbered by an outside site’s Terms Of Use violations.  :/

Truth be told, one of the Sasha videos on that page did just that…Photobucket deleted a vid I posted…luckily, I’d uploaded it twice by mistake, so I guess the blog just defaulted from one to the other.  :/  I get it…bondage isn’t something a “vanilla” site will host sometimes, hence my quest to find a way to post video to the blog…now that I’ve got it, I’ll be cutting all ties to Photobucket.  🙂