All posts for the day October 11th, 2012

Hey, Blog Fans!  🙂

I just heard that a member was having trouble posting commentary to the blog…sorry to hear it!  I made some tweaks to that section of it all…if you’ve been trying to post commentary and couldn’t, please try again and see if these tweaks made the cut. 🙂  Also, if you’re having trouble seeing the videos, you might need a plugin to your browser…this is one for Firefox…

Anyway…let me know if there are any other things I can do to make the blog-reading experience for you all the better!  Pic is from yesterday’s Sasha Fae shoot.  🙂

EDIT: I should add this…I do approve ALL comments in order to keep spam from hitting the blog…after you leave a comment, give me a day to do that before your comment gets posted…I usually get to comments same day to approve them.  Thanks!  🙂


GREAT Hogtie Bondage from Sasha Fae