All posts for the day October 14th, 2012

“Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery” had a HUMONGOUS run on Clips4Sale and did tremendously…it’s a spectacular video!  Sasha Fae is getting ready to go out when two guys grab her to bring her into a life of bondage slavery for a new Dom.  Well, it just became available for download at UnlimitedBondage On Demand…click that last link to see all the wonderful product available there, and to get in on the clip that peaked at #4 at Clips4Sale’s “bondage” division, click the first link of this post…it’s a GREAT clip!  Screenshot from the vid, anyone???  🙂


Sasha Fae is put into bondage before she gets delivered to her new Dom…

Added another video entry to the “Full Length Videos” Page…an entry for “Mob Daughter Abducted”.  Was interesting for me to make the advertising vid…I forgot how SEXY Stacie Snow looked in that dress and ties.  🙂  I should also mention that all the links from that are now current…everything is now linked to the sites where you can purchase the product.  🙂