All posts for the day October 16th, 2012

OK, the last post was me goofing off…here’s something a bit more.

“Post shoot” days are mostly meant for clean up and rest.  You saw from the Vlog that most everything in my rope bag winds up used (that was a LOT of rope on that table, no?), so I’ll have to re-wind all the rope up into usable bundles and put it all away…gags go into the dirty laundry to be washed.  Wardrobe gets hung up…you get the picture.

As for me, personally…I’m a bit of a dope and wind up lifting girls with my back instead of my legs…and 100+ pounds of bound damsel is more or less dead weight, and more than a bit of a strain.  :/  I really need to start watching that…and get my ass into a gym and start working out!  I’m a little achy and sore…but that goes away quick.  🙂

The video from the shoot is fully processed, so I’ll need to send that in…I’m also gonna go over the pics to correct any lighting issues I saw, tho for the most part, it all looked well to me.  🙂  Actually, today will be a day for rest and reflection…and gaming.  I’m behind in my “Words With Friends” matches with Sasha Fae and my “Scramble With Friends” matches with Stacie Snow…and I’ll hit YouTube large.

Lazy layabout…that iz me.  😉  EARNED it tho…I worked my over-sized butt off yesterday…lol.  😉