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I love the Kodak line of printers…now I hear from several of the places I buy from that they’re not producing as many as they used to…that’s a shame.  🙁  They have nice stuff…gonna hate not being able to get what I want from them anymore and have to wind up getting printers that cost a handy price to feed with ink…nuts.  🙁

Anyway…I’m gonna be making a small change to the blog soon, just to let you all know; need to make me a “Static” page that outlines all the “Adult Site” warnings, etc. There’ll be a link at the bottom to take you to the latest posts.  Instead of getting greeted by by latest missive, you’ll be greeted with that page, along with a handy link to the latest post and a different bondage pic about once a week.

Yak at ya’s later!


I don’t see it.  :/

Really…I have Resident Evil 6 and have played thru a chapter of Leon’s Campaign and am LOVING it!  I don’t know what the reviewers aren’t seeing about this game…I’m having some of the best gaming time I’ve had in quite a while.  The In-Game visuals are STUNNING…and I only have a standard TV…I can only imagine what they look like in HD.  The game play is a definite step up from RE 5…I got only a small taste of RE 5, but I can tell that RE 5 sucks massively!  Not a fan of that game at ALL.  🙁  Sheva got me killed several times…everything you’ve heard about the AI on RE 5 sucking was true and THEN some.

Anyway…if you’re a gamer like me and you’ve heard awful things about Resident Evil 6…don’t listen!  RE 6 is an AWESOME game and you should be playing it if you aren’t.

Kobe Lee pic for you listening to my video game side…


Kobe has been abducted into some rope bondage…