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Hey, all!  Time for another “Interview Vlog”…this time, with new model Dez!  🙂  We had a WONDERFUL time shooting today, and you can see it on her as we talk a bit about today’s festivities.  🙂  Dez has other projects of her own going, and if you’d like to see more of her, check this site out…

AWESOME site…with links to some of Dez’s other stuff on the net…including her Twitter!  🙂  And a LOVELY shot of her; if you like Dez, check that out!


Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size

Good LORD, this girl impressed me.  🙂

I knew I’d have a good shoot, but this…wow!  🙂  Hey, you know what?  Time for me to be light on the words and heavy on the pics…ENJOY!  This lovely lady is coming soon to…the “glam” pic blows up to full size when clicked on, but click on the others to see the “Tour” page of TucsonTied; check it out and sign up to see more of Dez’s work with me!  🙂


New Model Dez…WOW!!! 🙂 I freaking LOVE this shot!

New Model Dez told me if I were ever in trouble, I could lean on her. I don’t think this is quiiiiite what she meant…lol. 😉

Trying out my ropes for the first time…NEW TucsonTied model Dez!

New model Dez…I “cornered” her. 🙂

Standing tall for her 1st TucsonTied shoot…Dez

Sexy Stacie Snow wanted to lay around all day, wearing nothing but a lacy garter belt, fishnet stockings and high heeled pumps…I threw bondage into the mix and called it a shoot.  🙂  From the October 20th update to…click the pic to join up and see more!


Stacie Snow, laying down on the job. 🙂


When I was shooting Isobel Wren, I noticed that a mirror was nearby the door area, so I caught a few shots of her like this…this one was a part of the set of her that just posted to TucsonTied as the October 20th update.  Today was a double posting, with a Drea Morgan video also posting…click on the pic of Isobel to learn more!


TWO Isobels??? Seems pretty sweet to me! Isobel Wren

If you’re a Gracie Ryder fan, her first set posts at TucsonTied on the 26th…

Coming October 26, 2012
Next update
68 images: Welcome Gracie to Tucson Tied with a Glamour Shot that turned into a Topless Bondage Session! Gee, wonder how that happened?

That’s the description of it, taken directly from TucsonTied…here’s the full image of that thumbnail…

Gracie Ryder’s First Set!


Hmmmph.  I’ve designed what I’d like to be the page that greets people when they come to the blog, but  can’t make it function right.  Oh, well.

Today’s the day for another NEW model to the site…DEZ!  🙂  I’m really looking forward to this shoot…this should be FUN!  Dez has that really special “girl next door” quality that I like and is gonna tie up quite nice!  🙂

More after the shoot…