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Well.  While Dez’s shoot is processing and sending into the website, I took the opportunity to look back and see how many wonderful women I’ve worked with over the years, and other pointless TucsonTied trivia and such…

Care for a run-down?

  • I’ve been working since June of 2006.  I worked sporadically in June and July of that year…August, I went to FetishCon;  September, we spent setting the site up;  October 2006, we went live.
  • Since then, I’ve worked with 59 models (Dez was # 59).
  • I’ve done 147 shoots.
  • Of the total 59, 34 were models that I’ve only shot with once; but several of those are still active, so that number can and will lessen.  It’ll go up when I find new faces, too, I guess.  :/
  • Record for most individual shoots with me is held by (no surprise here) Stacie Snow…we’ve shot together 32 times.  Sasha Fae is second with 18.
  • I’ve done 6 two-model shoots:
  1. Magenta and Jade
  2. Kobe Lee and Addie Juniper
  3. Kat Turner and Pilar
  4. Laura Lee and Madelyn Rose
  5. Stacie Snow and Lola Lynn
  6. Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae

(Stacie made a 5 picture cameo in my first shoot with Candle Boxxx…since it’s not even enough pictures to make up a full set, I’m excluding it from the “2 Model Shoot” data)

Currently, outside of shooting, these are what I’m most active on:

Kinda fun to look back at this stuff…and this is just the beginning!


Another week in the can…and what an awesome one, too!  Two new gals added to the TucsonTied lineup, two new faces for you to see!  I’m really happy with the shoots and product…you all are gonna LOVE Gracie and Dez.  🙂  Gonna be spending the day quietly editing pics and video, maybe watching football.  My Bears don’t play until Monday night (against the Detroit Lions)…should be a good game!  I may just turn on the TV and spend my day watching football and looking at bound and gagged gals…

Life is good.  🙂

Catch you guys later!