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Admittedly, it’d be nice to win one of these.

That’s where it starts.  You sign up there and you’re able to vote for your faves.  It’s more or less an “Oscar” or “Emmy” for bondage people like me…tho “People’s Choice Award” might be closer to the truth, as it’s all internet-by-the-people vote driven.  🙂  After you sign up, you take the link at the top of the page to here:

where there’s about 50 or so categories to choose from.   I’m nominated in several places:

Bondage Blog  Bondage Blog (yup, that’s THIS blog…we got nominated!)

Bondage Paysite  Bondage Paysite (TucsonTied)

Bondage Photographer  Bondage Photographer (TolstoyTony)

Bondage Rigger  Bondage Rigger (TolstoyTony)

Rope Bondage  Rope Bondage (TolstoyTony)

Bondage Movie  Bondage Movie (for “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”)

I’m really happy for all six nominations.  🙂  The Blog getting nominated…AWESOME!!  🙂  I really love this site and the doing of it, and I’m thrilled to death that it got noticed and nominated.  “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan” being nominated surprised the living hell outta me…I knew it was popular from the sales, but that was awesome to see!!   Guess folks really liked that one.  🙂

The usual vote-mongering for this kind of thing follows…you can vote once a day in each category, and I’d really appreciate your vote in all the above.  But please, don’t stop there…there’s a LOT of worthy people all the other categories that deserve your votes…if you can make it a part of your “morning Internet ritual” to stop by the site and throw a vote out, that would be MASSIVELY appreciated!  Or just once…every vote counts, and I thank you for each and every one of them.  🙂


PS: I’m the Caretaker for UnlimitedBondage Tube…if you can give that a vote (Bondage Tube), that’d be great…thanks!  And if you could support my company (UnlimitedBondage, vote for them here: Bondage Company), that’d be awesome as well…thanks!  🙂