All posts for the day October 26th, 2012

Like I said in an earlier post, I’m in between shoots right now; kind of a good feeling.  I’m able to look back at other stuff and just chill.  🙂

All I have to say is, you guys are going to LOVE Dez…I know I am whilst editing her material.  🙂  She did some phenomenal material for me and when she debuts…whoosh!  🙂

So.  What’s going on at the present?  In celebration of Halloween, we have a series going at TucsonTied right now…”The Trick IS The Treat!”  Sasha Fae plays a witch who’s sent to put back in line Halloween-hater, me.  I get the better of her, and the bondage ensues.  🙂  She gets put into SEVERAL different bondages in the course of this…it’s black dress bondage at it’s finest!

It’s ongoing until on Halloween, the full length movie will be posted at my UnlimitedBondage and C4S Stores.  I’ll post more about it when the full movie posts.  🙂


Witch in a sexy hogtie…Sasha Fae

Hands above the head frogtie…Witch in bondage! Sasha Fae

Maybe I can chew this other one off… Sasha Fae in, “The Trick IS The Treat!”

Tied to the bed…Sasha Fae isn’t going anywhere.