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At TucsonTied this week and up until Halloween, we’re celebrating the holiday with special sets of themed bondage pics and vids, culminating on the Halloween day’s release of the hour long production, “The Trick IS The Treat”, starring Sasha Fae!  Sasha is a witch sent to instill Halloween spirit in a “Halloween Grinch”; it doesn’t quite go as planned.  😛  This pic is from Part 6 and one of my favorite bondages of the flick…don’t let the hands in front fool you; she could barely move in this one!

We’re releasing the entire flick as parts as well, every other day until Halloween…below the pic, I’ll put links to the C4S store parts that’ve been released thus far.  🙂  This pic links to the specific part it’s taken from…part 6.

She could barely MOVE! 🙂 Sasha Fae


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

(That’s all that’ve been released to the date of this entry.)

My typing is massively “off” today…can’t tell you how many times I wanted to type “Sneek Peak” on the subject line…lmao!

Anyway, here’s a peek inside of…what we have here is a pic from the hour long flick, “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”  ;  he’s tied and gagged her and is having a look around her place to find stuff to take…he’s gonna be disappointed and have reason to tie her up a LOT more!  Check out that link…and check out this pic from the production.  🙂


“This is the SECOND time today! Won’t he just leave…???” Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar