All posts for the day October 28th, 2012

Coffee and doughnuts for me today…might just wind up eating the whole damn dozen in one sitting…lol.  😉

Let’s talk about some stuff.  🙂  November first of all…so far, I have two gals on my schedule.  In the first week of the month alone, I have Sasha Fae on the schedule for two shoots, one a two-day affair.  I’m always happy to work with her…three days in a week is a complete blessing.  🙂  Sometime later in the month (date to be set), I’ll be bringing in another new face to TucsonTied…Janessa.  I know I say this a lot about the new gals…but this gal’s a complete KNOCKOUT.  She worked for my buddy Dave Annis once, then life got in the way and she retired for a bit…well, now she’s back and with a vengeance and I can’t WAIT to slip a rope or thirty onto her…more details as they come in.  🙂

I tapped out at eight doughnuts…what a wuss.  😛

Wish my Chicago Bears luck today…they play the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field…should be a good game.  Just wish they’d let me SEE it out here…I always wind up stuck with the Arizona Cardinals.  🙁  And yes, I said “stuck”; Arizonan I may be, but the Cardinals are not a team I care much for.  And how about them Atlanta Falcons, huh?  UNDEFEATED thus far; Kobe Lee must be proud of her team.  🙂  And yes, you also read that right…Kobe is a sports buff, and loves her some Falcons…and if that’s not a good segue into a Kobe Lee pic, I don’t know what is.  🙂  Laters!

EDIT: It shouldn’t have been such a squeaker, but yo, what a game!  Bears 23 Panthers 22…wow!


Our bag is packed, Kobe Lee…you ready to go?