All posts for the day October 30th, 2012

Are you all still voting at the Bondage Awards?  🙂

Much as I’d love your votes for yours truly; in all seriousness, just keep voting in general.  I like this competition and I’d like for it to continue…the more votes and support this gets, the more likely it’ll be to continue.  Make it a part of your morning internet ritual…I have!  🙂  I update UnlimitedBondage Tube, make a blog post, check my sales from BondageTokens (I’m #4 there at the writing of this blog in sales…even over the RopExpert sites…wow!), Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand, and cast my votes.  I know 50 + categories can seem intimidating, but just vote your favorites…like, Bondage Rigger, Bondage Photographer, Bondage Paysite, Bondage Blog, Bondage Movie and Rope Bondage, for example.  😛  Yes, those are the ones I’m nominated in (I was making a funny), but my point is, just vote for a few if you find the list to be too much.  I’m regularly voting for about 20 categories myself…there’s people who’s work I believe in and I want to see them get recognition for their craft and the time and effort they put into said craft.

Do a “Nike`” on it…JUST VOTE!  🙂

Aside from that, not a lot is new for yours truly.  This is the time of month I tend to stress about…near the end of the month and bills need to be paid.  🙁  Just did that this morning, and it was nice to be able to do that and not worry about the money being enough.  Did I tell you all that I’ve moved on from the conventional work force, consider myself retired from it and now am a FULL TIME Producer/Photographer?  🙂  It’s a very GOOD feeling…tho it does make random conversation tough…

“So…what do you do for a living?”

“I tie up and gag gorgeous female models for my website.”

“What are you then…a professional kidnapper?”

“Nope…Bondage Photographer.” (smile broadly)

“Uh-huh.”  (moves away slowly…)

LOL…I’m very proud of what I do…but it CAN evoke weird reactions amongst the “vanilla” members of society…and you never know when you might meet up with an overly religious person who might want to save my soul or damn me to Hell with all the fire and brimstone in their breath in doing so, or I might just offend someone, particularly females.  :/  To answer the as yet unasked question…no, I have yet to be recognized on the street by a fan as “TolstoyTony”, tho I have my answer for the question of, “Say…are you TolstoyTony?” already memorized…

“Am I?  All depends…if you like the work, then, yup, I am; but if you’re offended by it and want to burn me at the stake or something…I couldn’t POSSIBLY be that guy; he’s way more handsome than me.”

😛  Gotta keep it real and funny.

All right; ’nuff said in rambles for now…gotta go put some food in the belly; I’m craving a chorizo and egg burito from a Mexican food place here in town…nummy!