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Just posted a new video and description to the “Full Length Videos” page to reflect the release of  “The Trick IS The Treat”, the latest full hour production from TucsonTied.  Released now on both UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for $24.99.  🙂


Happy Halloween!

Sasha Fae sez, “BOO”!!!

This got asked for during my post about my bag and how I store my rope.  I didn’t feel I described it all that well, so I decided to film myself creating one of those nice and neat rope coils that  you all saw in the photos.  Videography is a little dodgy at times as I’m filming myself in front of the camera and watching it from a rotated-around screen, so when your looking at the video as it’s being filmed, right becomes left and left become right…and your already goofy videographer becomes a little more stoopid.  Hope you all like…enjoy!


(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Halloween’s greetings from the home of “The Trick IS The Treat!”, the new hour long feature coming soon.  🙂

To those of you affected by Sandy, PLEASE stay safe in all you do…our hopes and prayers are with you all!

Tomorrow sees me working with Sasha Fae for another hour long blockbuster…color me excited and thrilled…the story’s a KICK this time and should be a blast to film!  Not gonna say a LOT in this one…I have a Vlog for you that’s on the goofy side…I’ll put it all out there.  🙂