All posts for the day December 2nd, 2012

My “Admin” board for this site keeps track of how many posts I do…this is my 400th post to the blog…wow!  🙂  Apologies for the MANY months that I only posted once or twice…didn’t realize the power behind this puppy until recently…and you now have my word that you’ll be getting a post a day, every day.  🙂  I love doing it too…this is a place where I can really let it all hang out and put it all out there…something I love doing.  🙂

Sunday posts tend to ramble a bit…I just wonder why I always seem to get keyboards that’re allergic to making capital letters.  :/  Just typed a letter to a friend and when I spell checked it, the only errors that were there this time (I say, “this time”, because I’m MORE than capable of typos…lol) were uncapitalized names and “i’m”s and the like.  🙁  Every keyboard I seem to get seems to do this…it’s a pain to have to go back over the whole thing and fix this…and nope, I’m not a traditional typist; I don’t watch the screen as I type, I watch my fingers…on top of that, I only type with my index fingers (hunt and peck).  :/  Ah well.

Nontraditional breakfast this morning…I had taquitos (basically a rolled taco) and salsa with chips.  More of a lunch…but it was nummy.  🙂

Let’s end this with a pic…how about Stacie Snow?  This is from our first shoot together…when you think “first Stacie Snow/TucsonTied shoot”, you might think secretary with blue blouse and peek toe pumps, because that’s the set I always push…there were actually two looks done that day…here’s a shot from that set.  🙂


She does take a tape gag well, doesn’t she? 🙂 Stacie Snow