All posts for the day December 5th, 2012

The year is coming to a close, and I’ve decided my shooting has for now as well…I’m doing one more shoot this month and wrapping up the 2012 “Shooting Season” for TucsonTied.  🙂  I wanna spend the holiday with friends, laughing and whooping it up without the encumberment of the career getting in the way.  Sometime between the 16th-22nd (depending on her schedule), Dez and I will lens out her second shoot with me, and then the cameras get put up until January.  It’s been a riotous and WONDERFUL year…with the highlight being, I think, being able to hobnob and hang out with friends (and friends who feel like family) at FetCon this year…that was the absolute BEST!

But, January?  OMG…January is gonna begin on a HUGE high note when I finally get model Annabelle Genovisi in my ropes…you all are gonna LOVE her!  🙂

For now, tho, I’m just looking back over the past 12 months and am more than happy with them.  🙂  Added a few new names to the roster…including superstar Drea Morgan, and new and coming up the ropes (OW!!) models like Janessa, Dez and Gracie Ryder, and next year seems to not be short of new names and faces as well…wonderful!  🙂  I have now worked with 60…yes, 60, models now…it’s a GREAT achievement!  I’ve got a BIG announcement for tomorrow (a new Long Play which you all are gonna LOVE), so stay tuned and keep watching!

Gonna close this one out with the latest new faces of TucsonTied…Drea Morgan, Gracie Ryder, Dez and Janessa…yak at you guys more tomorrow!


Drea Morgan


Gracie Ryder