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Another smash edition to the “Full Length Videos” page is made as the latest blockbuster from TucsonTied is released…“Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation Terror”

TolstoyTony has a problem.  He’s been hired to find something…and he has no idea what that something is.  All he was told was that Sasha Fae has it…and to take out all the stops in getting it, including binding and gagging the gorgeous brunette until she felt compelled to tell him where “it” is.  Thus begins a battle of wills and bondage between TolstoyTony and Sasha Fae as he tries to get to the bottom of the situation and retrieve the article for his employer.  Every time she tells him “I don’t have it”, the bondage gets stricter, tighter and rougher until her sexy, tight body is almost COVERED in intricate ropework.

Eventually she DOES tell him…but what she tells him only deepens the problem and throws in a monkey wrench and a twist he didn’t see coming…leading to even MORE bondage!  Will he EVER get to retrieve the thing he’s been sent to find…or will he just have to push her endurance to the max before she FINALLY says something useful?

Strict, TIGHT bondage, practically ALL of the ties are done ON SCREEN, hundreds of feet of rope used, blindfolds, on-screen hogtie, on screen gagging…and two “to the ceiling ties” designed to get Sasha to talk and tell TolstoyTony where what he’s looking for is.

Available from Clips4Sale, “Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation Terror” runs for 63 minutes (with a bonus preview for “Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled”), and sells for $24.99.  Here’s some screenshots from the movie:

In 4 days, on the 10th, they announce the winners from the Bondage Awards contest.  Nervousnervousnervous….but I did want to thank all you loyal folks that stopped by and voted for me.  🙂  I’m not sure I’m gonna get any awards…I was against some TOUGH competetion in ALL the categories…in all honesty, I’d feel happy just to PLACE amongst the giants of the industry that were nominated.  Fact of the matter is tho, it was wonderful to be nominated…and fun publicizing the whole thing; I had a good time with this, regardless of winning anything or not.  🙂

Thanks to you all…and wish me luck; I’m gonna need it.  🙂  I’ll let you all know if I win.  🙂