All posts for the day December 9th, 2012

Bleh.  🙂

Sundays are always my laziest…I’m NEVER sure what to post here.  🙂  The only thing really going on right now, is I’m thinking of getting a recorder to record my video game play for playback at a future time…that’ll be my Christmas gift to me.  🙂  Not sure why I want it…I just do.  🙂  They actually make those now…it’s not a VCR or DVD or anything like that…you just plug it into the game system and it records the game footage…and in HD as well.  🙂  Kinda cool, no?  The one I’m looking at from Best Buy goes for around $100 or so…if I do it, I may even post some game footage here just to shot it off.  🙂

Well, let’s top this off with some pics of me working with Janessa, taken by Dave Annis.  Enjoy!


Janessa and I


Sizing each other up at a first shoot…Janessa and I


Showing Janessa Off


Janessa says, “MMMMMPH!”


Shooting with Janessa


“The bad guy is coming for you…look over your shoulder and give me a distressed look…” Me and Janessa


Getting in for that close-up… Me and Janessa


Shoot’s done…the ropes are coming off. 🙂 Me and Janessa


Filming the Vlog. Me and Janessa