All posts for the day December 10th, 2012


I hate Mondays…they hate me.  It’s a mutual assesment of each other that’s been going on for all 47 years of my life…so on Monday, unless I have a shoot scheduled, I’m usually just…bleh.  This is a “bleh” kinda day…tho I did get an interesting spam e-mail…

I know I shouldn’t, but every now and again, I open a SPAM e-mail…mainly because the title is catchy, and it’s obvious they don’t want to hit my computer with a virus (I never click on attachments), but want me to divulge my personal information…you know, like getting an e-mail from Chase Bank, full of mispellings, saying your account is compromised, login here to get to the “Security Center”…and you bank with Wells Fargo. That sort of thing. 😛

This one was from a “bank manager”…you know the drill…his client died, he can’t move the funds, if I pretend to be next-of-kin, we’ll split the $550M 60%/40%…that sort of dishonest thing. 😛 Anyway…there was a form and slots for me to fill out with all my personal goodies…and one of the things it asked just made my morning…

“Can you handle this transaction?”

For some reason, the whimsy of asking that question amongst a highly illegal transaction just delighted me. 🙂 REALLY?! 😛

Dunno what I’ll do with myself today…maybe a trip to BestBuy will brighten my spirits.  🙂  Ending on a Gracie sample…