All posts for the day December 11th, 2012

Well.  🙂

The Bondage Awards published their voting results yesterday…  Bondage Awards Results    and I can’t help but be happy.  🙂  When I got involved in this, I thought I’d just place in the Top 10 in a couple catagories and that’d be the end of it…but these were some NICE results:

  • Best Bondage Rigger: Didn’t place in the Top 10 (oh, well…Next Year!  🙂 )  
  • Best Bondage Paysite (TucsonTied): Placed 7th
  • Best Bondage Blog: Placed 6th
  • Best Bondage Photographer: Placed 4th (Runner Up)
  • Best Bondage Movie (for “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”): Placed 3rd (that’s a Bronze Award)
  • Best Rope Bondage…I WON!!!

FFS.  🙂  I actually WON something!  🙂  The competetion I was up against in that category was HEAVY…I’m still stunned that I won.  And the Blog placing 6th…that’s fcuking AWESOME!  I put a LOT of work into this puppy, and I’m glad it showed.  🙂

There was one other win that doesn’t pertain to me directly, but I’m very happy for…UnlimitedBondage Tube won for Best Bondage Tube site…that’s awesome and I think sets the bar for other Tube sites to be 100% User Generated Content and not ganks by the membership from off the web.  VERY COOL!  I maintain and add videos to the site daily (even weekends)…every day a video of content from around the UnlimitedBondage Network of sites is added.  We’re just a touch over 600 videos strong now and growing every day.  🙂

Anyway, wrapping it up here.  Dez iz my next victi…I mean, SHOOT (lol)…how about a shot from her to close this out?  🙂