All posts for the day December 12th, 2012

Gonna actually do it.  🙂

I’m going out to deposit my check from the site today…while out, I’m gonna get a new graphics card for my computer so I can game on it.  🙂  It’s my Christmas Present to me…I’ve got a few games that don’t play too well…the only reason that they don’t is because of the computer’s graphics card.  I’m told that it’s easy to install once I get my comp open…I’m looking forward to trying.  🙂  I like tinkering with computers…it’s fun!   🙂  I was thinking of taking up a job at a computer shop before deciding to be a full-time producer just because of that, but I chose tying up gorgeous women.  🙂

Wonder why… 😉

Anyway…I’ll let you know how it goes.  Should be FUN!

EDIT:  Wow, that was balls.  🙁  I got the card I needed…with a side of “look down upon” from the sales clerk.  🙁  Told him my budget was $100, he kept trying to shove the $120 card down my throat.  I stuck to my guns and stuck with the $80 dollar card I was told would work…but the clerk practically “tch-tch’ed” me and wouldn’t even make eye contact after the sale was completed.  I didn’t need the extra bells & whistles he was trying to sell, so I went with the basics…sorry I didn’t help you make your bonus, dude.  🙁

FURTHER EDIT:  Graphics card went in without any issues, and have been pleasantly PC Gaming with Resident Evil 4 for the past few hours…I’m officially a “techie”.  😛


Pic is Magenta from the early days…