All posts for the day December 14th, 2012

It’s been…interesting…being able to game off my desktop.  I may have to add a larger power supply to the PC, or it may be the game…I can go for about 2 hours at it’s best setting before it crashes.  🙁  I’ve done a little research about it online and it seems that Resident Evil 4 for the PC does crash on it’s own anyway…I dunno.  🙁  All I know is, I’m having to replay sections of the game over…which actually works out as I do BETTER on that section!  🙂  Eh, it’s all good…I’m not a PC Gamer at heart (I’m a Console Gamer, PS3 in particular), and I was doing this purely for fun.  🙂   Secondly, I.m looking to record the gameplay with commentary…might just work.  🙂  That’s the next thing…we’ll see how it all works.  🙂

Doing some printing for a custom client of mine of Stacie Snow…wanna see?  🙂


Stacie Snow