All posts for the day December 17th, 2012

Four days until the fate the wacky Mayans have decided we’re going to befall happens…have you decided what you’re going to do with them?  😛  It’s just a coincidence…but Dez and I have scheduled our next shoot for this coming friday…the Day Of Doom!  😛  I have to wonder how many people are taking this furiously serious and selling everything they own for the sake of having the cash to really whoop it up for these final days alive?  I stand by all my prior statements that those craaaaaaaaaaazy fools just ran out of paper to write on…or rock to carve, as the case may be.  Nothing’s gonna happen…how many times have we had the “end” foretold and it all turned out to be bupkus?  Lord have mercy on all our misbegotten souls…just too much silliness to be believed!

Well, since dez is next on the victi…er, SHOOT list, why not close out with a shot from her and my recent work?  See you soon, sweetheart…and talk to you all later, blog fans!


Dez standing tall…aren’t her legs to die for? 🙂