All posts for the day December 18th, 2012

I’m content to just sit back and  relax at this point…things’re going nicely.  🙂  Playing RE4, getting ready to record my next run thru the game and just having a total BLAST at it!  PC Gaming has been SO FUN…when I finally beat RE4 down (lol), gonna hit Fallout New Vegas…that game looks to be spectacular.  Might just go out later today to have a look to see if I can find it locally and fairly cheap, otherwise, I’ll just hit Amazon…seen it offered there for under $10.  I’m just not one for waiting for a mail delivery, is all.  😛

Speaking of waiting, I’m keeping you waiting for today’s pic, yes?  Well, past my blather, I’m thinkming a classic pic will do…how about Laura Lee?  GREAT gal…I really enjoyed working with her!  🙂


Lovely Princess, Laura Lee