All posts for the day December 19th, 2012

Got a lot I need to do today, so I’m gonna be light on the words.  I do want to make a post everyday, even if time disallows me to be lengthy.  :/

Finished my quest to get the Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 yesterday…I’ve now achieved this on Playstation 2, PS 3, Game Cube (where the game originated) and on the PC versions of it…do you think I like this game?  🙂  And that’s about all that’s going on right now…except I really need to get this beard off my face before the itches drive me batty…lol.  😉

More later…expect samples of the Dez shoot which’ll close out my shooting year on Friday or Saturday.  For now, tho…how about more “classic” work…this time: Savannah Costello.  LOVE this gal!  🙂


Savannah Costello