All posts for the day December 26th, 2012

ACH…the day is so fcuking BUSY today…and the week looks crowded as well!  I thought the end of the year was a “wind down” time…apparently, I missed the memo…lol.  😉  LOTS on the calendar (and that’s another thing I need to do…I need to make up one for next week; I always make my own calendars with pics from the previous year’s work)…and tomorrow, my apartment complex has decided to do the yearly inspections to their units.  :/  Why just two days after Christmas, I don’t know, but, oh well….that’s a day I need to be home.  🙁

Anyway…I gotta get myself cracking…got Isobel Wren on the brain…how about we close with her?  🙂


Isobel Wren In A Tight Hogtie!