All posts for the day December 28th, 2012

Where DID this week GO?  Seems like just yesterday it as Monday…sheesh.

Well, again…not much going on, but I think I can tell you what WILL be going on in ’13…at least the early part of it.  🙂  My next shoot will likely be Sasha Fae:

Sasha Fae 

…followed by the stunning and vivacious Annabelle Genovisi (click the pic to see his C4S Store)…

Annabelle Genovisi from The Badman

That pic comes to us with the kind permission of my best friend and sensei in the business, Jerry The Badman.  See more of his stuff with Annabelle and a ton of fantastic, beautiful and sexy models in some HOT bondage stutations at his C4S store, Badman’s Bondage Babes!

After that, I have plans to bring back Gracie Ryder…

Gracie Ryder

…and after Gracie returns, I have plans to bring the one and only (and super-sexy) Drea Morgan to the Arizona desert…

Drea Morgan

That covers January and February.  🙂  Should be a banner beginning to 2013 from the eternal funhouse that is TucsonTied!