All posts for the day December 30th, 2012

Just musing…

It’s funny how things change from time to time.  Not too long ago, I was in the “traditional” workforce, my bondage was a hobby that made me money, and I occasionally played video games.  Now, I’m a full time producer…the bondage is my career and job (and livlihood), and my gaming has stepped up to the forefront as my hobby that I do to release steam.  And the funny part about that is…I have almost NO steam these days!  🙂  Being in the “workforce”, you have to worry about job performance, your boss, co-workers, stupid production numbers…OY!  As a producer, I’m basically the boss, so…no stress there.  🙂

And the Video Games?  JUST LOVING IT…now that I can game on my PC, I’m re-visiting older games (Playstation one…PSX) and it’s awesome; replaying my way thru Resident Evil 3: Nemesis…what an AWESOME game!

Well, it’s the end of the month, so I have to deal with the only stress I have (paying my rent…lol), so I’m off to cash the latest site check…here’s a pic of “Secretary Emily Addison” in pink rope from my early days.  🙂


Secretary Emily Addison