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Just musing about the overpowering awfulness that is Twitter.  :/  I’ve been attacked online before (haven’t we ALL?)…I’ve even been the attacker; 99% of these incidents happened on Twitter.  I know I keep a widget on the side of this blog for you all to follow my tweets…but honestly, don’t expect to see much outside of “Follow Friday” postings and know that my heart is here.

It’s not even only in the industry I work in…politicians, wrestlers, sports stars, movie stars…it seems the thing to do these days is to go to Twitter and bash people.  Disturbing…I thought we professional people all left the playground years ago and stopped tossing “Nyah, nyah,nyah, nyah-nyah” around…I guess I was wrong.  :/  And I hope I’m not sounding like a morals teacher looking down upon the rest of the tweeters…like I say, I’ve put my fangs out on Twitter as well.  It’s the nature of the site, it seems…it’s like a bitching ground where people go to trash talk…stupid.

OK, muse over…pic of Stiletto from the early days for your time.  🙂




This is the kinda day, I feel like just writing “something” and leave it at that…kinda like this…

“I should write something…SOMETHING…that works.”  😉

What that means is, I really don’t have much on the bean at the moment.  I want to post daily, but I also don’t want the posts feeling “forced”…like I’m doing it JUST to post daily.  Hmmmph.  maybe i’ve already covered it…lol.  😉

Pic is Stacie Snow.  🙂



Stacie Snow 

Just chillin’…not much going on at this point.  I’ll prolly do some more camera tests today…it has an option for AVCHD video that I’ll be trying out.  Don’t know if I can even USE it, but I’ll be giving it a whirl.

By the way…is there a model out there you’d like to see me work with?  My ears are always open…who should I get in contact with?

Pic: Stacie Snow and Lola Lynn.  Laters!




Gawd, all that sexy leg…lol. Lola Lynn and Stacie Snow

You may notice a change in things around these parts…I found me a new camera yesterday.  🙂  She’s a complete mother-fuckin’ beaut…and to get 4 out of 5 stars from CNet’s stingy reviewers is telling.  🙂  Others may go into the Canon/Nikon war, but I dislike both of them, honestly…not to say they’re bad cameras, but that I find them cumbersome and complicated.  Sony’s Cyber-Shot line produces EXCELLENT image quality with controls that even the basic photog like me can understand…I like that.

I’ve been taking “test shots” around my apartment, getting things up to speed with the settings and such and it looks PROMISING.

I’m my usual “kid in a candy store” type excited…I’ll keep you filled in on how things go with it.  🙂  Here’s a couple looks at it…the second one was shot with the “zoom”, the first by standing really close…



New Camera Test


Zoom of new Camera

Pretty cool, eh?  🙂  Like I say, as I do more tests, I’ll keep you all informed on how it goes.  🙂


Gods, but I hate Mondays.  They drive me CRAZY…things always seem to crap on me on Mondays…lol.

Ah, well.  🙂  I’m thinking about a shopping trip today, so I’ll be able to relax a bit.  I’m thinking of starting up a game of “Fallout: New Vegas” later today as well…I think I’ve purged RE4 from my system for the moment…lol.  😉  Just need to kick back and relax some…been stressing about nothing lately; and I’m the only one doing it, that’s the funny part.


How about some Hooters?  Are you hungry for some wings?  Oh, wait…you’re obviously hungry for some BONDAGE…you’re MY crowd.  😛  So…how about a couple “Hooters Girls” in bondage; mainly, Emily Addison and Fayth On Fire.



Emily Addison…why is the service at this Hooters so SLOW?! 😉



Fayth On Fire…no WONDER I’m waiting so long for a waitress at this Hooters! 😉

Well now.  🙂

The end of the month seems in a bit of a flux…so I have some time to dick around with.  😉  Found a “modding tool” for Resident Evil 4, and that’s providing some very amusing moments…imagine having a gun that can have 500 shots loaded into it…lmao!  😛  It’d look weird…maybe not for a heavy guage rifle, but a handgun?  That’d just be weird…not to mention impossible.  Still, it makes for some fun…and I really get tired of running out of ammo during these things.  MIND YOU: I’ve played this game to death and have just gotten a touch bored…this tool is providing some amusement.  🙂

So…I’m just curious…anyone want to see some more of this lovely Angel?




Angel, in early, “pink rope” bondage