All posts for the day January 1st, 2013

1st Post Of 2013!!!  🙂

And how did I start out 2013?  Listening to a neighbor (prolly NEXT DOOR, from the sound of it) shoot off fireworks, deciding at 11 o’clock at night I wanted to re-hook up my Game Cube and moving my entertainment center to make the back of the TV accessible, finding out what I needed for that project and calling it good for the night…then waking up this morning, making a breakfast of pizza (I don’t exactly keep a traditional diet…lol), and uploading game footage to my YouTube channel, and bondage footage to UnlimitedBondage Tube.

Ah, the life of a producer, right?  😛

Gotta attend to that little project (a trip to WalMart is in the offing…), so I’ll leave you here with a pic from the early days of Kobe Lee and Addie Juniper.  🙂


Kobe and Addie