All posts for the day January 2nd, 2013

Gods, but I’m bored.  😉  Guess it’s time to get off my ass and schedule a shoot or two.  Oh, WAIT…I do have two going on this month!  😛  Sasha Fae will be returning for a sitdown later in the month, as well as Annabelle Genovisi for a mega shoot (we’ll be working over a 2 day period, gathering 8 hours of material…should be a blast)…I can’t wait!

Incidentally, if you’re a gamer like myself, let me recommend to you taking the dust off that Game Cube system…did that recently and WOW!  I forgot how that puppy is a “little machine that COULD”…HD graphics…it’s one kick ASS system!  🙂

Eh, enough babble…we both have things going on, you the blog-reader and I…let’s wrap it up with a pic from Lola Lynn…one of my favorite shots of her!  Later!


Lola Lynn