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OK, you just got two pics from the site…here’s me rambling a bit.  🙂

Resident Evil 4 continues to be a distraction for me until my shooting season starts up for 2013 in about a week or two.  I’m currently playing it on my PC and my Game Cube to see the differences in the two versions, and there are a lot of them.  COOL differences too.  🙂  I’m currently thinking of getting some kind of device that records gameplay as I like watching this kind of stuff…they now make them to record in HD as well.  🙂  Cost of around $100…somewhat cheap, somewhat pricey…but aren’t ALL our hobbies???  😛

Ever hear of John Savage?  VERY cool guy; and one of the premiere rope guys in the business.  🙂  Not too long ago, he and I made contact thru Dave Annis (John is Dave’s inspiration…they met shortly after Dave got started…Dave introduced me to him via e-mail), and John asked me if he could use some of my covers for the “e-novels” he writes now.  I was flattered beyond belief and said, “Of Course!!!”…the result is here:

You’ll have to scroll down a bit to find mine (look for Stacie Snow bound in a leather outfit and bound against a backdrop with rope pinned to the wall) as most of the pics are Dave’s…but I have a few in there.  🙂  Anyway…he told me about the publishing company he’s with…and it got me to thinking about writing my own novels.

I got about 5 chapters in…the story was about an heiress that got abducted…but as it turned out, she had a GREAT passion for bondage so she and her abductor got together as a couple and were going to bilk her father out of a good sum of money…and that’s as far as I got.  Writer’s block…and a pretty serious one.  Couldn’t figure where I wanted to go next with it.  :/  The story sat on my computer for a LONG time without a place to go and in the back of my mind as something I definitely want to finish.  Not too long ago, I thought of a direction I wanted to take it in…she gets rescued, but her captor shows up looking for a job as her bodyguard…and winds up REALLY guarding her body…lmao!  😛

Reason I mention this is, I was thinking of adding a page to the blog and publishing it here.  I don’t have the skill and stamina to publish stories on a regular basis, and it seems a shame to keep this to myself.  If I were to decide to finish this…anyone interested in seeing it?


If one were to ever ask me the question, “Hey, Tolstoy…what was your favorite shoot with Sasha Fae?”  the answer would be an easy one…red skirt, black pumps, pantyhose.  This was an AWESOME body of work and hold that particular shoot in high regard…Sasha looked FANFREAKINGTASTIC done up in this outfit.  Generally, I always find something I want to do again in almost every shoot…this one, however, was PERFECT; this was Sasha and I at our collective best.

Here’s one of the shots…this set posted recently to


Sasha Fae