All posts for the day January 11th, 2013

Oh, good LORD.

I’m sorry, folks…I usually post earlier than this, but GAWD the insanity that is life lately!  Never thought I’d say this, especially online, but I need a drink…lmao!  😛

Ah, Lord.  Writing helps with the tension, so even writing this helps to a large degree…I think once I close this I’m gonna turn off my phone, get on my Game Cube and kill things.  Zombies.  Digitized Images of bad guys put on a video screen during a VIDEO GAME.  Harmless fun.  Honest.  No humans in danger at all.  😉  Zombies in the Resident Evil remake on Game Cube have a LOT to fear of me, tho.  😉

K…’nuff for now; here’s Paris Kennedy from my older stuff.  🙂


Paris Kennedy