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So.  🙂

Art and I have been talking about who should play the part of Ashley Moore were I able to cast this as a feature film.  Oh, how I wish I had the budget, locations, film crew and other things involved necessary to make this happen….even in my own small world of video productions.  It would be a thrill to go thru the kidnapping scenes and such…but alas, not to be; too many obstacles.

However, one thing is true…most writers write from experience…and Ashley was indeed inspired from one of my models…mostly the blond and the attitude parts.  Ironically, Art got who it was with one of his choices.  So…who was my actual inspiration for the lovely Ashley Moore????

Random Candid Shot from her first shoot with me…Ladies and Blog-Fans: “Ashley Moore”, the looooooovely SHANNON!

Yep, Shannon was my inspiration.  🙂  Shannon was a hoot & a HALF to work with…if Ms. Moore’s personality left you hooked, Shannon had that effect on me.  BIG TIME!  I used to call Shannon, “12 cans of Red Bull PERSONIFIED” (lol)…she had enough personality and style for three gals…half the fun of working with Shannon was just hanging out with her; she was a complete doll.  I tried to add that quality to my writing, and think, for the most part, I succeeded.

Shannon in Bondage

Well, that was MY inspiration for Ashley Moore…who of my models do YOU think would make an accurate fit for the part?  Do you agree with Art and think it’s Shannon, Candle Boxxx or Emily Addison?  Or someone else perhaps?  Let’s open the floor (thru the comments) to thoughts…who do YOU think should play her?