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Went to BestBuy today…it’s only by the grace of good will in me that more sales people didn’t get strangled…lol.

I understand good customer service (I better, or I won’t BE in business, right?), but is it necessary to hit on me as a customer FIVE FCUKING TIMES?!  They must be bored at BB.  😉  EVERY time I hit a new part of the store, a helpful pair of hands/eyes was there to ask me if I need help…it’s exhausting saying “No” a billion times in one visit.  Funny part is…soon as I actually DO need help, there isn’t a soul around!  Am I alone in that?  😛  Prolly not.

I know I was rude a time or so (not massively rude, mind you…just didn’t answer when the 5th sales associate asked me if I needed help), but dammit; if I’m on a quest to find something and I fairly know where it is in the store, asking for help defeats my navigation skillz and my pride won’t let me have that.  In short…”Pull over and ask for directions…we’re lost!” “No, we’re NOT lost…I know where we are and can get us out without asking for directions!”  Except in my case, I DO know where things are in their store.  MOST of the time.  😉  I will ask for help after about the third casing of the store…but feel damn defeated after doing so.  😉

Had this happen again at our local “99 cent” store.  they remodeled it and changed shit all around (to make room for a “More than 99 Cents” area…lol), and now I don’t know where ANYTHING is.  This time at least, I was able to find what I wanted (a 16 foot tape measure)…but I had to hunt it down…GRRRR.

Rant over.  😉



Got a LOT going on today…I have to get cracking at it.  And as busy as I’m making it sound, I’ve alreadyposted a vid at UnlimitedBondage Tube and changed out the Group Pic at Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo Group…and it’s barely 8 am here…lol.  😉

Anyway.  Sasha Fae and I shoot on Thursday, my first of ’13…I’ll be sure to share a sample or two with you all.  Until then…here’s a pic of Ashley Lane.  Take care, people…until tomorrow!  🙂



Ashley Lane