All posts for the day January 15th, 2013

Well, my shooting season for 2013 opens day after tomorrow with Sasha Fae.  🙂  Appropro choice…she’s a winner and can start off anything with a bang!  🙂

It’ll be good to get things going again…looking forward to it!  🙂  In the mean/offtime, I finally got my entertainment center put together the way I like it.  I now, on one TV, have hooked up a:

  • BluRay Player
  • DVD/VHS Combo player (DVD recorder)
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 3
  • Nintendo GameCube

🙂  Feeling pretty nice about it…and I have room for two more things to be attached…was seriously thinking of going “retro” and getting a Super Nintendo; bad ass machine in it’s own right.  🙂  Nope…no “XBox” or anything related to that…I’m a Playstation guy all the way.  I could get a 360…but am just lazy about it, I guess.  :/

Anyway.  Sasha will be in a bikini and bondage…looking forward to it!  🙂  As for now…



And this Nyxon IS a crook…she stole my heart YEARS ago!  😛  SWEETEST lady alive…I absolutely adore her!  🙂