All posts for the day January 18th, 2013

…well, for the moment, at least.  Got other projects coming up, so I’m gonna take it easy for today and tomorrow and do next to nothing.  🙂  I’m rather liking being a lazy mutt at times…lmao!  😛 Started yet another game of RE4 and am also playing my way thru Portal 2 again, and have Fallout: New Vegas waiting in the wings on the PC and am also making a run thru the Resident Evil Remake on the ‘Cube, so the gaming life is VERY busy.  🙂

So, anyway…I’m off for a bit of relaxation (lol)…how about I leave you all with a shot of Vivian Ireene Pierce from the early days.  🙂



VIP…a “Very Important Person” indeed! Vivian Ireene Pierce