All posts for the day January 20th, 2013

Well now.  🙂

The end of the month seems in a bit of a flux…so I have some time to dick around with.  😉  Found a “modding tool” for Resident Evil 4, and that’s providing some very amusing moments…imagine having a gun that can have 500 shots loaded into it…lmao!  😛  It’d look weird…maybe not for a heavy guage rifle, but a handgun?  That’d just be weird…not to mention impossible.  Still, it makes for some fun…and I really get tired of running out of ammo during these things.  MIND YOU: I’ve played this game to death and have just gotten a touch bored…this tool is providing some amusement.  🙂

So…I’m just curious…anyone want to see some more of this lovely Angel?




Angel, in early, “pink rope” bondage