All posts for the day January 21st, 2013

Gods, but I hate Mondays.  They drive me CRAZY…things always seem to crap on me on Mondays…lol.

Ah, well.  🙂  I’m thinking about a shopping trip today, so I’ll be able to relax a bit.  I’m thinking of starting up a game of “Fallout: New Vegas” later today as well…I think I’ve purged RE4 from my system for the moment…lol.  😉  Just need to kick back and relax some…been stressing about nothing lately; and I’m the only one doing it, that’s the funny part.


How about some Hooters?  Are you hungry for some wings?  Oh, wait…you’re obviously hungry for some BONDAGE…you’re MY crowd.  😛  So…how about a couple “Hooters Girls” in bondage; mainly, Emily Addison and Fayth On Fire.



Emily Addison…why is the service at this Hooters so SLOW?! 😉



Fayth On Fire…no WONDER I’m waiting so long for a waitress at this Hooters! 😉