All posts for the day January 25th, 2013

Just musing about the overpowering awfulness that is Twitter.  :/  I’ve been attacked online before (haven’t we ALL?)…I’ve even been the attacker; 99% of these incidents happened on Twitter.  I know I keep a widget on the side of this blog for you all to follow my tweets…but honestly, don’t expect to see much outside of “Follow Friday” postings and know that my heart is here.

It’s not even only in the industry I work in…politicians, wrestlers, sports stars, movie stars…it seems the thing to do these days is to go to Twitter and bash people.  Disturbing…I thought we professional people all left the playground years ago and stopped tossing “Nyah, nyah,nyah, nyah-nyah” around…I guess I was wrong.  :/  And I hope I’m not sounding like a morals teacher looking down upon the rest of the tweeters…like I say, I’ve put my fangs out on Twitter as well.  It’s the nature of the site, it seems…it’s like a bitching ground where people go to trash talk…stupid.

OK, muse over…pic of Stiletto from the early days for your time.  🙂