All posts for the day January 28th, 2013

Mondays are always busy for me…first, I start off by posting to UnlimitedBondage Tube (over 600 videos posted there for free, by the way, from me and other UB Producers), then posting a new Cover Picture to Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo Group (which I Moderate for her).  After doing that, I go thru the wonderful sites under the UnlimitedBondage banner, looking for videos for UB Tube.  After downloading 6 vids from my and 5 other sites (I posted Sunday’s video yesterday and Monday’s today already…I got 6 to cover Tuesday to Sunday), I’ll get them ready for UB Tube.  It should be mentioned, UB Tube is a promotional vehicle, and I’m not uploading the full videos, but selected snippets from them…but it does give you a feeling of what the content is at our wonderful Family of sites.  🙂

Now, I’m writing my missive for today’s post.  🙂  After, I’ll work on the UB Tube stuff and make a post or three at FetLife, before retiring from active “producer duty” (lol) for the day to become a gelationous blob in front of YouTube.  😀  Monday’s are always my “busy day” when it comes to “producer stuff”, and I do love it; it’s the closest I have to an actual 9 to 5 kinda “job”.  Kinda nice to be that active.  🙂

Anyway.  Enough from me…here a pic of Addie Juniper in bikini bondage from my early days.  🙂

Off to work on UB Tube material…



Addie Juniper in Bikini Bondage