All posts for the day January 29th, 2013

I’m BUSY today…just not with bondage.  🙂

Love it when the second check of the month is more than my rent…lmao!  🙂  Just got it…need to put that in the bank and make some payments.  Also need to get some printer ink for a project I’m immersed in…then come home and send said payments out.  I also need to hit up an Ace Hardware…they seem to sell a thicker guage of rope that I need for when I put gals up aginst the wall.  Part of the fun in that is I also need to DYE that rope that particular shade of brown that I do…it’s been a while since I did any rope dyeing…that’ll be a FUN project!

And I seem to have a craving for IHOP of all things.  :/  I love the body’s odd cravings here and there…lol.  😉

So…off to get cracking…new vid up at UBTube done, nowI need to get going on the rest of the day’s chores.  🙂  Pic is of Tucson native and recent mom, Tracy Jordan.  🙂



Tracy Jordan