All posts for the day January 30th, 2013

Man, the world hates me today, I tell you what.

I pay my two major bills online…just easier for me that way.  The Postal Service can’t reaise the price of e-mailing payments like they can on raising stamps, no?  😛  So…I go to login for my cell phone company…doesn’t recognize my login; I have to go thru the whole “Change My Password” BS…seems I have to do that everytime I visit them.  🙁  Go to pay my Internet bill, and that goes off without a hitch…until I get an error message for the confirmation.  So, I call them and tell them about today’s payment which, online, my account said it needed to be made…and found that I’d already paid on the 21st.  So, I just paid the bill twice in one month!  🙁  Well…it’ll go down as a credit; they won’t bother me again until March at least…lmao!

Well…next up was Best Buy and some photo paper for my printer.  Best Buy has the best price for paper (but ironically enough the WORST price for ink; they want 10% more than literally EVERY other store in town), so I got what I needed and was gonna browse the store a bit before heading home.  Stopped by the camera area and saw my new baby on display and smiled.  I’m SO happy with that camera!  I held the floor model for a bit, then remembered that I wanted to look into buying a spare battery for it (nope, it doesn’t use AA batteries, but a battery pack).  “Can I help you?” says the happy camera-counter-guy…no, I reply; I’m fine.  🙂

So, I go over to the battery area and start looking over the batteries, and I hear another, “May I help you?”  Not unusal…it’s a big store, so I expect to be asked that by sales people at least three times per visit (tho after 5, I get annoyed and leave the store).  Well, I look up at who asked it…it was the SAME mo-fo that asked me this not 10 seconds ago!  “No, I’m fine…” I reply; a little agitation showing in my voice, I imagine.  Then he hits me with the question that really set me off…

“Are you SURE?”

REALLY?!  Seriously, now.  Do I look brain-damaged enough to not know if I need help or not?!  This day and age of “Customer Service” can bite my oversized wing-wang…it’s not “Service” if a sales person follows you from department to department offering to clean up your breath with a mint and polish your shoes for you if you’ll JuuuuuuuuuuuST make that purchase!  I said I was fine…leave me the fuck alone, dipshit!  What, do I look like a theft threat to you or something???

Rant over…thanks for the breathing room.  🙂