All posts for the day March 2nd, 2013

When this pic hit FetLife, it won an award…it went what’s called “Kinky and Popular”, or “K&P” in FetLife terms.  That means, it was put on a seperate page that the whole SITE could see…a gathering of all things on FetLife.  We all have our individual profiles…well, when something gets viewed a LOT, it also gets listed at K&P, which is a page where images, videos and writings from the whole membership get mishmashed together.  It’s kind of like getting a “People’s Choice Award” on FetLife…shows that folks really LOVED that pic/vid/writing.

Anyway…enough from me, here’s a GREAT shot of Sasha Fae; if you want to see more, head on down to TucsonTied!



Sasha Fae’s extraordinary curves…WOW