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Did you know that Little Caesar’s Pizza makes Deep Dish pie???  REALLY awesome stuff…and it makes for the perfect “bachelor breakfast”…lol.  🙂  NOM!

Not so lazy a post this bright Sunday morning…need to get my oversized butt hauling.  I got my latest site check yesterday…need to bank it and pay some bills.  🙂  Then after that…it just feels like a “Bookman’s” kind of day.  I THINK they’re a chain, but in case not and you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a store where new and used books and stuff in general can be bought/sold/traded.  “Books” is something of a general word, tho…you can get used musical instruments, electronic equipment (not computers as much as computer peripherals, like mice, keyboards and screens)…and what I’m after today, used video games!  😀

Video games and “strategy guides” as well, actually.  They’re essentially a “cheat” as they list every secret the game has to offer, but I’m a completionist when it comes to my gaming…I like to do all, see all within the game…strategy guides allow that.  Plus, I like the art work and special features about the ga,mes that they add into the guides.  They’re like the history of the game in print.  Very cool!  Lately, I’ve been scoring quite nicely at Bookman’s…I just bought a PS2 “Slim” model for $40 to replace my “fat boy” model and free up some space on my entertainment center.  🙂  Also just got the Sony released DVD remote for it for only $10.  🙂  It’s kinda like having a fully functional DVD player in the same amount of space that a micro-laptop takes.  🙂

OK, enough ramble.  Off to start my fun.  🙂  Pic is of the ever-lovely Drea Morgan…you can see MUCH more by clicking the link and signing up at!!



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